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Advertising a product or service must be tailored to the target audience. Only then will it be effective, and the money will not be wasted. There are many ways to advertise a new campaign online. One of them is to place ads on social media, which people use widely nowadays. However, it is worth paying attention to the choice of a specific platform depending on the type of product. Another method of promoting a campaign is Google Ads, which is charged in a brand-friendly way, per click.

Regardless of what form of advertising the brand chooses, do not forget about the next stages of the purchasing path. Of course, this means carefully planning the appearance of the landing page and placing appropriate advertising descriptions on it. In this way, you can build trust among customers and then directly encourage them to make a purchase. 100 shoppers has prepared a tool that supports brand sales campaigns by connecting sellers with customers. This solution is in the form of a Where-to-Buy widget, which is implemented on the product page.

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